Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Swan

Ummm, is it goose, whatever.  The idea was originally from my painting “black and white”, it has 2 swans.  I had drawn out 2 swans, and cut out the card. One would be golden and the other black, but 2 of them looked too bulky for a pendent.  Then it was cut short to one.  I wanted the texture to be feathery, and it turned out to be looking embroidered, anyway I like it.

This pendent was sold, I would say, as quickly as it was out of the oven.  My parents were visiting, so I had brought the piece down from my workshop for them to see.  My dad is a good critic.  He loved it.  He told me it looks like a painting, I was elated.  Someone who was visiting happened to see this lying on the table, she instantly loved it.  She picked it up for her daughter as and how it was, just the pendent.  The beads for this are all done but yet to be baked. 

So I put it on to a readymade jewellery cord, finished the piece with some semiprecious gem stones and had to photograph it in a hurry.  Finding a bright sunny spot during the rainy season is a tough job. I have a favourite spot where I can take a snap with bright sunlight, but I should catch him (sun lord) at around 9:00 to 9:30 am.   I like the glitz of the beads when exposed to the sunlight.  But I had to make do with whatever was available today.  Photographed it outside, that is it. 

The pendent is about 3 inches long and wide.  The beads are blue onyx, and magenta red agate bead. Instruction for care:  Please handle her gently, because the designs are from my soul. It will not break otherwise.

No earrings for this set.


  1. Hi Anita.. Thanks for visiting us at beadsnfashion.com Hope to see one or more of your Beautiful creations linked too..

    I especially lovvvvve the earrings you have made for the sunset hue set! Hats off!

    1. thank u so much EsVee, for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comment :)