Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Little Jumbo

This little jumbo was born on my PC work table :).  For me elephants are a facinating magnificient animals, huge but has a cute kind face.  The little ones are such a delight to watch.  They are so naughty. I took a long time to finish this. I think I started it some 6 months ago, could not think of how to finish it.  I was initally thinking of the water color technique and then I did it with my favorite filigree design.

I always tend to relate elephant to kerala which is my native place and also relate it to manjadikuru(called circassian seeds).  I quite cannot pinpoint why.  May be some story I have read or heard when I was young or may be they both are related to Lord Krishna's temple.  

The pendant and beads are made of polymer clay.  The pendant is about 4 inches long.  The adjustable necklace itself is 16 inches long.  The cluster of 3 beads midway is adjustable.  You can bring it all the way down towards the pendant or anywhere you want to.  It is strung on burgandy colored leather cord.  

The red seeds in the photo are the ones I was talking about - circassian seeds.  


  1. Wow Anitha! This is very elegant.. I am in love with that elephant :)

  2. I am so glad you liked it thank you EsVee