Monday, December 7, 2015


I did not know what to name this piece, thus Anamika which translates to a beautiful dasmel with no name or the ring finger in sanskrit but  I will go with the first meaning.  I think it is beautiful but it is for the beholder to decide.
How was this made:  The coming together of the simple little canes I had prepared for other projects :).  Made coordinating beads for the same and wove them on green cotton thread and attatched to adjustable dory.  the pendant is accentuated with lavender colored glass beads.  I gave it a crude look rather than the neatly cut edges to give it slightly antique look ( I am not sure if I have succeded it that).

The pendant is about 2 inches long and the beads part of it is 7 inches long.  since it is adjustable it can be brought down to any lengths desired.

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