Saturday, November 14, 2015

Perfecting Jhumka making

Somehow I find the jhumka making process a bit difficult.  I keep thinking of how to get the piece out of the mould in a perfect cup shape.  ok finally get it out perfect, but how will I make designs on it, there goes the shape when I try to get texture on it.
This is the first ever jhumki I made.
Other pictures of the jhumki of the "peacock inspiration set"
The second one I made was blue one but with a clay which was of not a good quality, I use that for experiment usually.
I did not complete this piece.  It cracked when I tried to take it off the mould. As a mould, I used a glass bead of this size to hold the shape while it baked.  It works well. Remember to put a thin wire through the eye of the bead and lock it before puttin the raw jhumka on it. so when it is baked carefully run the wire around to take it out of the bead.  oh, I did not take the picture of it.

With is unsuccessful jhumki, i tried carving after baking.  It looks good and it is easy to do.  Use any tool which is not too very sharp or too blunt to do this.  I used my pinvise with 0.5 drill pin in it.

The third attempt was with a jhumka with beads around the edges.  Now I was facing a new requirement.  Some kind of gum to stick the beads to the jhuka ends.  All these while I did not use any adhesive to stick PC pieces.  I found "Bake and Bond" from sculpey.  I resist the use of this otherwise.  I use it only when it is needed badly. take a look at the piece
Next one was a made-to-order teeny-weeny jhumka for my niece for her school function.
And I do not see any improvement I have made from the first one.  I think the first one is the best.

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