Tuesday, November 17, 2015


With the Sun Lord playing hide and seek, no he is missing in action.  It has been around 10 days without him.  Missing him :/ it is raining day in and day out.  I cannot do any new photo session of my jewellry.  These are some old photos which I had made long back when I was just new to claying around an year ago.

I tried out some ceramic effect with clay and chalk pastel.  The blue earring in the left bottom end of the collage came out well.   But the red one did not turn out to be as expected and I decided to keep it to myself.  I had not come out with any beads to accompany it and it lay there for a long time waiting.  Now I have strung it to the blue organza and cotton thread to match it up with my indigo dye dress.  It goes very well with it :)

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