Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just Antique

This is actually an old piece of pendent which I was toying with wondering how it would turn out to be.  I thought it looked dull and I was not able to come up with the beads to go with it.  Finally, I decided to finish it and i thought I looked like an antique piece of jewellery.  Polymer clay beads are used in this like folded beads and beads made of cane bits.  The necklace is 8 inches long including the pendent which is about 2 inches.  The beads on the pendent and wire wrapped.
Made a pair of jhumkas which i am really not good at.  I am never happy with the jhumka I make. The jhumkas were made with the opposite cane of translucent white and gold and accnetuated with amber beads.

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