Friday, November 11, 2016


Kerala mural.  I wanted to do this on polymer clay but I did not like the color effect on the clay.  Finally I combined clay and paper to my satisfaction.  Lot of experiment went into it.  I finally dared to do a other media on polymer clay.  I always thought it is not fair to use anything else other than PC into a piece of clay jewelry.  But then the creativity is mine and I am the boss.

Materials used: 
380 gsm drawing paper.  This was used to draw the figure and paint according to the Kerala mural painting techniques and rules (KM uses some particular colors, u mix and blend to get the exact shade).  I followed every bit of the rules even though it is a tiny area to be covered.  The effort eventually shows.

Soft acrylic colors from Fevicryl - red, sienna, green and black for outlining in the final stage.

Varnish for water proofing.

Polymer clay for the backing for both pendent and earring.
Polymer clay beads
Wooden beads 
Bead caps
Adjustable cord.

It is so very feather light with polymer clay, paper and wooden beads.


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