Thursday, November 10, 2016

Paper Mania

Updating after a long time now.

Had been trying my hand on paper stacked jewelry.  In fact, I had started this off even before my polymer clay addiction.  This is also fun if you get your geometry right.  Thing is you cannot use a cutter to get  1/4th inch of a pendent.  you got to stack for that and cut all the papers to that shape.  Anyways I love that.  Here are some more pieces.  They have no earring accompanying.
The yellow one was made to look like a ceramic tile.  I have used water color, 3D out liners and glass colors to get the effect and water proofed.  water proofed does not mean that you can soak it in water :).  The bead are polymer clay with organza cord to go with it.

The pink one  - metallic colors with ( I have used Fevicryl metallic colors) out liners for the doodle, accentuated with glass and polymer clay beads.

Pssst...:  Look closer, they are two sides of same coin.  I have made the clasp in such a way that you can interchange the cords.

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