Thursday, November 17, 2016


Some earrings which I have made-to-order.  The blue one is paper earring, one of my customer wanted paper one which I had not tried before.  That one was on a experiment basis.  She liked it anyway.

The Peach and maroon jhumka too is a custom-made for a saree.  It was chosen by the customer from my previous design.  I exactly do not like to repeat a design.  I get bored quickly.  Sticking on to polymer clay for one and half years is also a surprise for me.  I am hooked to this :)  I love to create. I do not worry much if it is not sold.  But, luckily for me very few are left in the stock. I thank my friends for that.  

The top right one is a surface technique using pastel mica powder, glass color, and texture sheets.  It is made up of scrap clay, actually white clay which got totally discolored after a project.

The second row black and white with Red dot is a surprise you get when u roll out scrap clay.  this cannot be reproduced.  It is just an occurrence.  I just loved the crackled black and white effect.  Quickly made it to earrings.  Added red to brighten it up.  

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