Friday, November 11, 2016

Blue, green and cane

My all time favorite colors.  Added some left over cane to the pendent. The earring was sold in no time.  looks like a favorite design.  I have already made three colors of the same pattern and stands sold.

The last one is a custom made for a peach and maroon combination saree.  The customer was so very happy that it matched her saree perfect and it suited her look too.  I am unhappy because I was not able to make a perfect shot of this.  I hate when I do not get a "somewhat close" to professional picture shot.  Recently, I broke my dear phone and it was at that time I finished this order and had to click with whatever camera available.  This was also made and in a very short given period of time and so was in a hurry too.  Photo does not do justice to the effort here ;( :(.

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