Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Elegant Colors of Kerala

The white and gold of Settu Mundu/mundu neriyathu or kasavu saree is so soothing to go with the lush green background of the beautiful land of Kerala.

I had quite a few requests to make matching ornaments for the gold/white kasavu saree.  Here are few pictures. since I am updating the blog after a long break, I do not remember any interesting events to add along with this write up as it is a journal of my interests and ideas.

This one has mica shift technique on striped cane and also texture on the pendent, it is elegantly strung on white Czech beads.  I love them as the consistency of the size is too beautiful.  
This one was made for a friend who loves teeny weeny elegant jewelry.  I was struggling to keep it simple and small. The earring has a sandstone added to it.
This one too was a simple one for someone who loves it simple.
Swirl earring made to match the saree.

These two sort of a repeat made as request.

This simple request was to make exclusive and look really different.  I guess I met it.

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