Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Experience With Polymer Clay

I had not researched about the brands at first.  I bought some from a store.  They had only 2 colors.  I went ahead and made some beads out of it.  They looked great.  I am a person already madly in love with beads.  So when I could make it myself, my joy was boundless. The picture above is the first ones I made.  Then I searched for clay on net.  I got some clay from a lady online.  No-brand clay, just wrapped in plastic.  I baked it as per her instructions.  I came out fairly good.  But with time they changed color or crumbled. I was upset.  The raw ones are OK, once you bake it, it changes color.  Then I searched for branded ones online.  I searched for the the whole day on  net.  Then I found one and  it turned out to be one close to my house.  I could walk to the store and pick up the ones I like.  I was so happy.  Now I get the supply from this place  I got inspired by the jewelries made out of this and tried my hand at it.

But I will show the ones met with a disastrous end.  I have to show those pieces because I made it with so much care and passion.  I made these out of the non branded clay. I think the baking instruction was wrong.

All the above are pictures taken before the bake, raw.  Most of them crumbled like cookies when I was attempting to make jewelry out of it.  some charred  beyond recognition sniff.......   Forget it.  I will post more of my attempt to make jewelry in the next post.

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