Thursday, July 14, 2016

Playing with Canes

Canes - I try to avoid them, it takes lot of time and I waste lot of clay.  But once you are through, what a stunning technique it is.  Incredibly same pattern on largest and the tiniest slice you make. I love explaining it to some of my customers who asks if I painted it exactly same on all the pieces.  Some pictures of the jewelries I made with the canes.

This lovely purple set was made at a workshop with Seema at Seema Clay Flower.

The silver and yellow flower was my first cane where the clay was too soft and was always slipping out of shape.  It never made it to be a part of the jewelery :(
And the latest one is the lotus petals .
This was patiently done with first the Skinner blend and then the tiny white veins and really I did not know what to do with the cane.  When you look into the internet too much, the design you make will tend to take the same kind of design - inspired by others.  

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