Thursday, May 19, 2016

Indigo print

What is on my table today?

I am back to work after the summer days, it was too sultry to work this summer.  The temperature is slightly reduced due to the cyclonic rain.  I like to work with clay when it is like this, temp at 28 degree Celsius or so.  This year Bangalore was peaked at 39C, whew!.  

The indigo prints were something that was in my mind from a long time but could not work on it because I was held up with orders at hand.  I have all possible attires with the beautiful blue breath- taking print.  I also considered upholstery of this kind when I saw some at a store.  I quickly banished the thought from the look on my husband's face.  Poor fellow putting up with a gone-crazy like me.  This one I am working on is solely for me :).  I am yet to decide the findings which will go with the piece of jewelry.  The piece on top with the wire sticking out is scrap and will go as a tag for my handbag.

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