Thursday, April 7, 2016


After the batik, I was emboldened to try something new on clay.  This color pallet comes from the sunset hues, it reminded me of the beach too.  I am very cautious when I take out my white clay out of the box - clean my hands, clean the surface, switch of the fan and so on.  For that madness, I will think every possible way not to work with white :).  But once it was done I did not want to mush neatly rolled out clay and put it back and hence this piece.  I wanted to try something else than the usual stuff I end up doing.  The white made me think of my canvas and so I decided to paint on it and the result I loved.  Quickly rolled out some matching beads to go with it.  I will always forget to make earrings.  This does not have one and oh! it  already has a new owner who does not care much for an earring. BTW the painting is done with pastel chalk colors and alcohol ink and once again I realized painting is my realm.

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